Why name the conference Waves in Time?

Why name the conference Waves in Time?

Why Waves in Time?

The name chosen for our conference in May 2019 is Waves in Time to reflect our beautiful Sunshine Coast and the many beaches and waves that flow onto our shores.

Waves of migration

It also reflects the waves of migration to this country from the very earliest arrivals through to today’s migrants. Every person who came to this country came across the waves. That commenced with the first people thousands of years ago.  Waves of British migration followed with the convicts of the 1st & 2nd Fleets, Soldiers and Marines and later Free Settlers.  Then came various Government Immigration Schemes, before more poured in during the gold rush years. It reflects the waves of migration from the European influx post WWII to more recent arrivals from Asia and the Middle East. While modern migrants arrive by aircraft the early arrivals crossed the waves in a variety of ships.

Waves of economic development

The name reflects the waves of economic development – the ups and downs people experienced through drought and floods. How their hard work produced waves of growth in the nation, and moved the prosperity of the country from a farming base ‘riding on the sheep’s back’. Manufacturing followed, and now there is a service industry orientated base of employment. All of these waves impacted on the lives of our ancestors. It reflects the social development of this country – the waves of growth in the nation and the impact and influence Australia now holds in the world.

Logo designer – Phillippa Simon

The logo was designed by Phillippa Simon who also designed the logos for the first State Conference, In Time & Place in Brisbane in 2015, and the 2017 State Conference, Footsteps in Time in Southport.

The graduated colours of the logo are designed to reflect the movement of time, population and growth; from small beginnings to Australia today, all encapsulated in the name, Waves in Time.

That’s why Waves in Time is our conference name