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We will be sharing news and updates about the conference on social media. You can easily follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter by clicking the previous links. Our handle is @wavesintime2019 and the official hashtag for the conference is #wavesintime2019. Please use these when you are posting so that others can follow up on your posts too.

Join our Genimates at #wavesintime2019 Facebook Group. This is a closed group where genies interested in attending the conference can ask question, share, connect and communicate with other Genimates.

You don’t “do” social media?  Then you can get a peak at our Instagram and Facebook post at the bottom of most pages on the website. No need to sign up to see the post. If you wish to visit the links you will need accounts.

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We support attendees, sponsors and others sharing their pre-conference experiences, news, updates plus events on conference days.¹

We know that some people are not interested in joining up to social media sites so you can view our latest Instagram and Facebook feed at the bottom of most pages of this website.

Note: Official news will always be communicated to you via your email so you will not miss out if you do not follow social media.

1. The Waves in Time Conference is not responsible for content on other entities websites or social media posts.