Parking & Walking

Wave in Time Parking and Walking Maps

Parking / Walking


  • Parking will be an issue on Saturday because of the Farmers’ Market directly opposite Venue 114 between 6:00 am and midday.
  • Car-pooling or using the shuttle bus will be better options.
  • There is some parking at Venue 114 and in a marked grassed area a little further along Sportsmans Parade.
  • The SES will monitor parking between 6:00 am and 9:30 am to try to keep spaces for conference attendees.
  • Street parking is available along Sportsmans Parade.
  • Do not park on any grassed areas (except the designated area) as there is a fine of $93.
  • There are maps on the website showing possible parking places.
  • The walk from the hotel to Venue 114 is about 21 minutes on flat ground.
  • Once you get to Nicklin Way you can follow the pathway around the lake rather than use the roads; this is shorter than following Nicklin Way to Meridan Street.